Flower Bouquet Sachet


Product Description

Beaded Lavender Sachet
A stunning, wonderfully scented beaded organza sachet bag 5 x7.5. The sensual, soothing smell of lavender.

Sachet Description:
Filled with  lavender flower buds that are grown in France. Has a blue-grey color with a sharp, piny-lavender scent. Lavender flower buds are about the size of a grain of rice and are not on stems.

Place in drawers, closets, in your car, inside your shoes, in a guest bedroom, use in a sleep pillow to encourage sleep. Also, lavender repels moths, thus protecting natural fibers what makes it a great substitute for moth balls….. or anywhere you want a pleasant scent. Makes a great gift, wedding or shower favor too! When the scent starts to dull, simply press the sachet between your fingers to reactivate it


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